Mark Your Calendars!


Join the McKinney Community Band for a fun night of music. As always, it's FREE!

Join the McKinney Community Band for a fun night of music. As always, it’s FREE!

Make a difference for the musicians of the McKinney Community Band by donating to the band during North Texas Giving Day. Click the image at left to access the band’s donation page. It goes active on Sept. 17 at 6 a.m. and runs until midnight. There is no minimum donation, but gifts of more than $25 are eligible for bonus funds, distributed between participating non-profits.

A Warm Welcome to the Website for the McKinney Community Band!

Our band is growing in number and our repertoire is growing in complexity … and it’s all just plain rewarding. We are committed to having fun through musical growth and achievement as well as camaraderie and friendships. In short, we play music and enjoy each other’s company. A lot.

band_photo on stage 2014

If you feel ready to give us a try, send us an indication of your interest through this website.  You will then receive an email from our band president, Marsha Hope, with details about visiting a rehearsal.

We also have two “satellite” groups: a flute choir and a full dance band.  Subs and guests are especially welcome in these groups.  Both rehearse every week at 6:30, prior to the 7:30 downbeat for the concert band rehearsal.

We  are so blessed by support from the McKinney Arts Commission and the McKinney ISD.  We are especially indebted to Scott Johnson Middle School, our home for our weekly Thursday evening rehearsals. It’s  a short trip from anywhere in Collin County  (notwithstanding the US-75 construction). You don’t even have to be a McKinney resident; some of our members drive a long way to participate because it’s a ball!

Yours in music, Bill Sleeper, Director Emeritus

 It’s the most fun you can have for a dollar-a-week dues!